A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…….Wait, no. Ignore that.
LASTONEOUT take the distant memory of Pop-Punk and Post-Hardcore from 2004 and bring it forward to the present day with added bite. With big choruses, melodic breaks and an energetic live show, the band have been making waves across the UK.
With slots at Boardmasters and Sonisphere festival under their belts as well as supporting bands such as Young Guns, Boy Jumps Ship, Beyond Recall, The Ataris, AshesToAngels, Zoax, Press To Meco, Colt 45, I Divide and more, the band have more than proven themselves on the live circuit.
After making a storm across the Southwest in 2015, the band have now set their sights on the rest of the UK. With new mini album ‘This was never my story, it’s yours’, a continuation of their passion to reignite mid 00’s post-hardcore with a modern fuse, due for release in 2016, the band are working hard to reach as many new cities and places as they possibly can.