Now I know it’s a cliché, but when we all decided to take the ‘wrong’ decision and dedicate a huge portion of our lives into writing music, you never really expect people to listen and appreciate the music that you create. When they do, the feeling of pride and admiration that you get for something that you and your friends created in a damp and cold room is unexplainable. There have been times when we have travelled hundreds of miles, and played to 3 people. But even if just one of those people come up to after you’ve played, it makes the entire thing worth it.

When we released our first ep ‘Get the lights’, we sent a couple of the tracks to BBC Introducing in Devon. We definitely did not expect to ever hear back from them. But we did, and a long and beautiful relationship began. James Santer and the team have been incredibly helpful and supportive of us ever since, even inviting us in to do a live session broadcast back in August ’14 before featuring us in their Round Table show held by the UPSU Radio team back in December ’14.

Here is what James had to say about us:

“We’ve featured Last One Out so many times on BBC Introducing in Devon that they’ve almost become part of the family here! Since their initial upload to us in early 2013 I think we’ve played EVERY track we’ve received since, they’ve had nothing but positive comments from our panellists on the Round Table review show, and we’ve seen stand out tracks such as ‘Ten Years Too Late’ and There’s Always One…’ performed live in the studio for an exclusive BBC Introducing session. Now with addition of 5th member and vocalist Sam Cudmore to the group, we can only expect bigger, louder and better things to come.”

The work that James and the team do at BBC Introducing in Devon, and every other Introducing show around the country is vital in getting new music out to the world, head over to to find out when your local introducing show takes place, and get involved.